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Aspire Story

Aspire Total Wellness is more than just a name. Aspire is the story of you, me and our desire to achieve wellness by putting ourselves and our health first.

Since 2007, founder and CEO Leigh Anne Filewich began dedicating her life to helping people create the best version of themselves both mentally and physically. Her journey began as she was earning her degree in psychology and offering concierge personal training services to women, helping them feel empowered and secure in their own bodies. Over the years, her ambitions fueled her to take bigger strides in the health and fitness community. She opened a 3,000 square foot fitness facility designed to accommodate people of all ages and physical abilities.

In 2020, Leigh collaborated with her husband Carlos López, MD, to open up a complete wellness center. Their vision together has always been to provide services that would complement each other.

Meet The Owners

Aspire Total Wellness was born from a deeply rooted enthusiasm to provide people with the tools they need to feel good, energetic, and confident.

Working hand-in-hand, Leigh and Dr. López dedicate themselves to their clients’ wellness.

They share the firm belief that being proactive with your health by taking preventative measures is the ultimate way avoid disease, surgeries, and health issues.

This family business is driven with YOU as their top priority.

Leigh and Dr. López put their minds together to create a special place for clients who want to rejuvenate their lives.

A serene and professional environment reminds clients how their mental and physical health always comes first.

They have one main goal – for clients to see the power and the results.

Together, Leigh and Dr. López work diligently to create customized and effective treatment plans that make a difference in each of their clients’ lives.

They look forward to welcoming you to Aspire Total Wellness and being a part of your wellness journey.

“I believe beauty starts with self-love and feeling good about yourself from the inside out.”

– Leigh Filewich –