Arugula: More than just healthy.

A friend gave me an arugula salad a few weeks ago and sparked my taste buds. Where have these greens been all my life? I have had it a few times but always neglect it at the grocery store.

Some fear peppery flavor, but paired with the right dressing or ingredients its delicious. And the best part? It’s great for you in more ways than one!

Arugula can be eaten raw or lightly cooked; although it is most nutritious raw.

Arugula contains tons of vitamin B, vitamin K, chlorophyll, folate, and much more. It also aids in cleansing due to its high fiber content and antioxidants. It has also been shown to serve as an anti-inflammatory!


Arugula was used as a very strong aphrodisiac during the ancient civilization of Rome. 

Oh yeah- I said it! Break out the oysters over arugula! Romans also ate arugula for good luck (obviously 😉 ) It was used as a love potion around the world, often mixed with lavender oil and chicory. Some say the “sensual” effect could be a combination of the energy boost from vitamins and the spice heating your core temperature. I believe its magical, so jot down my recipe and get your arugula on!



2 cups fresh arugula

1 ripe mango; sliced or cubed

1 diced avocado; optional

2 tbs Champagne Vinaigrette  (click to find recipe)

squeeze  of lemon

salt and black pepper to taste


Toss ingredients together and enjoy! Delicious when paired with grilled white fish or shrimp.