No Excuses! Free yourself and stay active.

Does this sound familiar? ๐Ÿ˜‰


There is ALWAYS room to squeeze a little fitness into your day. I know that the majority of us have pretty realistic excuses such as busy schedules, tight bank accounts, injuries, or bad weather. Well, I hate to break it to you….but I can find a way around just about all of those things!! Don’t make excuses, you are only hurting yourself. Instead, be determined to find a solution and make yourself PROUD!

Busy schedules always seem to get in the way! Luckily, there are a variety of circuit workouts that only take a few minutes. If you are having a hard time pushing yourself without a visual, I know of a great 24 minute (yes, that’s under a half hour, people!) that will whip you into shape. It’s a great way to get started, with a little extra motivation from the instructors. There are 3 levels and modifications, so no intimidation necessary. $30 bucks and you’re on your way…excuse free. Check it out. Image

Click for more info.

Tight bank accountsย are a stressor that can effect you in many ways. Can’t fork out the dough for a gym membership right now? Don’t have at home equipment? No biggie.There is no need to feel like you have to spend a bunch of money to get a decent workout. Actually, you don’t have to spend a dime! Well isn’t that peachy. ๐Ÿ˜‰ There are plenty of body weight workouts that don’t require anything but YOU. So hop to it! Here are a few examples: href=””>Image Image

If you have any questions on these exercises click here to email me for advice.

Injuries are a big bummer! They can hold you back from MANY things, which can lead to depression. Don’t let your injuries trap you. Take every measure to find something that can accommodate your needs! Talk about it. Let people know what is going on. You never know what advice the people in your life may have to offer. Find a professional if necessary and let them know how much staying fit means to you. Ask for suggestions on how you can safely stay active. And remember….no matter what you are doing or how slow you go, doing something is better than nothing!! Which leads me to my favorite quote….

lapping couch

Weather.ย Wait just a darn minute! That’s no excuse! Suck it up. Either get a little wet in the rain, bundle up in the cold, de-layer and stay hydrated in the heat, or choose from the above workouts for an inside sweat session during hurricanes and blizzards. Did I cover everything? ๐Ÿ™‚

SO get out there and get your workout on everyone!! You’ll thank me later ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a healthy day!!


PS. Have other excuses? Try me! I bet I can weasel my way around it.ย 

Positive Energy; Happy Life


So let’s say you are doing everything in your power to start your day off right.

Woke up bright and early on the right side of the bed.
Indulged in a heathy breakfast.
Got some exercise which left you feeling energetic and ready to tackle your daily activities.


But as the day goes on, you get bogged down. You end up dragging yourself home and enter the door that you bounced out of in a good mood. Now you’re ready to crawl under the blankets and hide.

What happened?

We can actively take steps each day to create a healthy, happy life for ourselves. Once you figure out what works for you, it becomes a piece of (low calorie) cake. The next challenge you may face is surrounding yourself with positive energy throughout the day.

We may not even realize it when it’s happening, but the people, places, and things we engage with may be positively or negatively impacting our lives. After being put in a particular situation, you may be walking away higher or lower than when you started. Each instance may be minimal and hard to recognize, but all of the insignificant moments can lead up to putting a negative spin on your day. Sometimes it is so frustrating because you can’t necessarily look back and find what has brought you down. It may not he been major mishap, but a total of a zillion small triggers.


If the things that are effecting us are not in our control, how the heck are we supposed to fix it?

Maybe this is what happened….

Someone cut you off on your drive to work.
You can’t change the way others drive. The best you can do is follow the traffic laws and hope others will do the same. If someone cuts you off or makes you mad in any way while driving, road rage is not the answer. No one can hear your bad words or see your angry face except for you. If they do, they will just go on with their day as usual, while you are let fuming.
Instead, just remember that it may not have been intentional. Maybe they need to get somewhere in an emergency and aren’t thinking clearly. Regardless of their situation, you are only in control of yourself. Be thankful that you are safe, hope that they are too, and go on with your day. Recognize that you were flustered and let it go.


Something got wrongly taken out on you.
It happens everyday. When someone is upset, they expend a little of their anger onto the next person in their path. Stop the chain reaction! Be confident that you did nothing to deserve it, and hope that your niceness will lift their spirits so that they won’t pass their negativity to anyone else. Have you ever read the Secret? It is a short read that may give you some ideas and explain the importance of holding onto your positive mood even after a bump in the road.


Someone you care about offended you.
There are many ways to deal with this depending on the situation. Not everyone feels the same way about certain comments. If something was said to you that hurt you, don’t bottle it up. Be honest and let them know. The chances are if they care about you, they didn’t realize that what they said or did effected you in a negative way. Instead of going over it again and again in your mind trying to decode it, nip it in the bud and talk it out. IF, in fact, you were intentionally hurt, let that person go. You must surround yourself with good people; good hearts. There are many people that love YOU for who you are and would never purposely say or do something to harm you…or your mood. Be sure that you create a positive network of people in your life. Even if you can’t see it, we feed on the energy around us. Eventually, negative people will drag you down with them.


So, when you leave your house feeling like a ray of sunshine…keep it going! Share your kindness with others and send them off with a piece of your positive energy. Don’t let things that aren’t personal to you bring you down. Sometimes the best you can do is be confident in yourself and hope for the best for those with a negative aurora.

*Dedicated to Miss Eleets. Don’t ever lose your sunshine.


Create YOUR Motivation Board!

Staying in tune with social media can be really motivating. Between pinning, posting, and tweeting fitness quotes and other healthy ideas, we should be experts right?


All of this stuff is fun to look at. We dream and wish that we could fit into that string bikini by summer time…but still never make the purchase. We relate to the quotes whole heartedly when they tell us to stay on top of things. But once we close the tabs and log off, life gets in the way. Our motivating material is tucked away somewhere on the world wide web as it fades from our minds. We may even be looking at so many different pictures and ideas that we don’t even know where to start!


Let’s get old school! Needless to say, I love the Internet…but some things just have to be written out and posted in your REAL daily life. Out of all of those quotes and goals you are aimlessly scanning, choose some and get to it!


Make a personal Motivation Board!

No one has to see it but YOU. Hang it up on your bathroom mirror (or in another area where you will be forced to look at it daily)

Here’s how:

1. Buy a white board.

2. Pick a few goals.ย Ideas:ย Do you have an event coming up? Make it your goal to rock that special outfit.ย Are you trying to excel in a sport, such as running? Make it a goal to run 1 full mile.

3. Find a few quotes that hit home. Write them out.

4. ย Think of a few daily tasks that you slack on. Examples could be drinking enough H2O, taking your vitamins, or cooking at home.

5. If you’re trying to lose weight, count down the pounds. Each few pounds lost, reward yourself! Write the rewards so that you have something to look forward to, such new gym clothes or a massage.ย 

6. Clip some motivational images from a magazine, or find that old photo of you when you felt the best in your life. Pin it up!



The options for your board are ENDLESS! You can read quotes and look at motivational pictures all day long, but the real motivation comes from deep inside of YOURSELF. Take the time to find what is really important to you. It’s personal!ย When you write it out and read it daily, it becomes real. Make sure your goals are accessible and plant them into your mind. Once you truly envision them, just water the seeds daily and soon enough you will be making a fresh board!


Take the ideas of others and use them only as building blocks as you create your own vision.



My Motivation Board

photo 2

Lame or not, just try it. You might be surprised what it can do for YOU!




PS. Please share your boards with us on Facebook! I would LOVE to see your creation!


Muscle Fever!


Muscles feeling feverish? Donโ€™t panic just yet.

ย panic

When you begin a new workout regimen, or step up your current one, you may be wondering about the different types and times of muscle soreness your body is going through.

There is a big difference between the soreness you feel during a workout and after.


As you are working out, youโ€™re muscles are being RUSHED!

ย Blood

Blood and oxygen are flooding your muscles faster than waste ย ( such as lactic acid) is removed. This process causes your muscles to โ€œpump up” and become swollen and a little sore.


This is normal! Be sure to stay in tune with your body when you are working out. Everyone is different, and only you can tell what the appropriate level is. There is a major difference between soreness and pain…and depending on YOU, it may be a fine line. Recognize how you are feeling and donโ€™t confuse the two.


It is great to push yourself to the next level, but remember….. donโ€™t over do it! Pulling a muscle or injuring yourself in another way can require days or weeks of rest. Exerting yourself too much could actually cause you to back peddle in your workouts.

ย bicycle

Wondering what may soften the immediate pump or burn? Helping some of the lactic acid out of your muscle can help.

You could try massaging or โ€œrollingโ€ your muscles with a foam roller (can be found in most sports stores, or even Target). If you have a helper, or can reach the spot such as your legs, even a rolling pin from your kitchen will do. Be creative ๐Ÿ™‚

ย foam-roller

Now that we got that out of they way, why in the heck are you feeling even MORE sore after your workout? The peak soreness can occur days (typically 12-24 hours) after your session. It can last up to 5 days!

ย ouch.preview

Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is what experts dubbed this madness. Just when you thought youโ€™ve massaged out all that lactic acid and you are good to go, you body starts to tell you otherwise! OUCH!

ย don_t_panic_button

DOMS usually makes itโ€™s appearance due to one of the following reasons:

You’ve tried a new workout, which targets muscles that you havenโ€™t been working recently.

You’ve just completed a high intensity workout or exercise that pushed your muscles to the limit.

ย intense

A few factors come into play when experiencing DOMS. When you workout, you are actually tearing your muscle fibers. Donโ€™t be alarmed; this is normal and necessary! The tears are microscopic, and heal within a few days. This is how we build and grow our muscles. The temporary damage you do to your muscles varies with how long you worked out and which exercises were performed. Eccentric muscle contractions seem to produce the most soreness.

Some examples of exercises that cause eccentric muscle contractions (when your muscles contract WHILE they lengthen) include things like:

ย squat

Running downhill, walking down stairs, and lowering your body into squats, lunges, or push-ups.


Here are a few tips to help you through DOMS:

1. Rest


Your body is asking for a break! Donโ€™t forget to schedule in a recovery period. You need time for those muscle fibers to heal before you go tearing them up again. You body is amazing, and always has a way of telling you what it needs. Listen to it!

2. Low Intensity Exercise


Switching to a lighter exercise, such as walking, can help to promote circulation to your sore muscles. You should be warming up and cooling down before and after each session. Stick to those light exercises for a few days until your muscles repair.

3. Anti-inflammatory Meds


Taking an over the counter painkiller, such as aspirin or ibprofen may give you relief.

4. Ice Bath


OK, OK, we donโ€™t have to be that extreme! I cringe thinking of submerging in ice! EEK! But an ice pack or cold compress can definitely help out. ๐Ÿ™‚


5. Elevation


For extreme soreness, you may want to elevate your muscles. The key is to elevate above your heart, so this method will work wellย withย your limbs.

Swelling can also be the culprit for discomfort. Again, this can be helped by careful stretching and massaging/rolling.


You could even use a balm to help relieve muscles. Tiger balm is one of my favorites, and can be found at any pharmacy.

Most importantly…

Know your limits! It is great to push yourself to beat your own personal records, but stay safe. Listen to your body, it knows what’s best for you!

ย zjimrohn

……Dedicated to my favorite little worrier. Your pump is normal…promise!


Don’t Hold Your Breath!


Remember to breatheeeee when lifting weights!

Confused on the proper time to inhale and/or exhale?


When you are in motion (lifting the weights), be sure to exhale 2-4 counts.


In between movements, inhale deeply for at least 2 counts. You need to be sure to maintain oxygen in your bloodstream. This is crucial to keeping ย a healthy blood pressure.


Be conscious of your breathing! It sounds weird, but it’s easy to forget to breathe when strength training. Holding your breath can be dangerous to your body in the long run; not to mention the immediate effects such as headaches, lightheadedness or becoming dizzy.


Practice makes perfect!! Get into the habit of counting breaths in your head. It may seem repetitive at first, but soon enough it will become a habit that you won’t even think twice about. Get the most out of your workouts, while treating your body with respect! Fill your lungs, oxygenate your bloodstream, feel GREAT!