About Us

Take The first step to a healthy, happy YOU!

….that has been our motto since day one and we will always stand behind it 100%. Our intent is to help people find avenues to personal health and happiness by taking a realistic approach. We strive to help change lifestyles for the better by avoiding temporary solutions and fads. Creating reachable goals and finding healthy guidelines to stick to that suit your life is very important. Take a journey with us to reach inside and bring out the best in


Meet Leigh!


Leigh Filewich
CPT; L1 Crossfit

We take a realistic approach on life. We understand that every individual has specific needs when it comes to health and happiness. After your consultation, I will hand select the best wellness professional available to help you create a healthy lifestyle. Feel free to ask us questions or inquire about our unique programs.

 Our Gym

Out of the Box CrossFit & Yoga

2750 E Atlantic Blvd

Pompano Beach, Fl 33062

out of the box

AdvoCare Distributor

 A healthy lifestyle means taking a look at yourself from all angles and creating the perfect balance. Activity level, eating habits, and rest are just a few things that must be taken into consideration. Everything depends on YOU and what is involved in your daily life. There are ways of finding out what works best.

One thing that we have found that suits just about everyone in the nutrition aspect is AdvoCare.

AdvoCare offers an elite line of products created by a panel of doctors. There are different categories and products lines that are specific to individual needs.

We have joined forces with this company by becoming an Independent Distributor of their products.

 Visit and Shop Advocare        Learn more about Advocare

2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Carlos says:

    Leigh and her team of elite professional are great at what they do and the friendly environment, unasuming and unintimidating experience they offer is the best I have ever encountered. Great job guys!! Kepp up the fantastic work!!


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