Cheat Days

People couldn’t be more wrong when they say, “Well its easy for you, you’re in good shape.”
UM excuse you, it is not easy. I love junk food, wining and dining, and everything else that involves packing on the pounds. I am human, just the same as you.

When I was younger, I could eat pretty much anything I wanted and was able to stay slim. Food never made me feel bad either, I could eat a burger and go rollerblading 10 minutes later. Now I would feel sick.

When I hit my 20’s, my body changed and all of those calories stuck to me like glue. I could look at a donut and my butt grew a size. My flat tummy started to bloat and my upper body got “wide”. I needed to shape up because I no longer felt like myself. I eventually I figured out what worked for me and made it happen.

Don’t believe me?


It took a while to get through that. And a lot of hard work.Β But even still…….

Every once in a while, I hit a couple of days (or even a week)Β where I fall off the wagon. Maybe I have a birthday party to go to, dinner plans back to back, holiday festivities, a vacation, or just pure laziness and binge eating. Hey, it happens to the best of us!

*No judgement zone.*


The key is to realize what you are doing wrong sooner rather than later. You won’t see much of a difference while you are making the bad choices…it’s usually a few days after when your energy levels drop or you notice something a little different in the mirror. Unfortunately, the consequences aren’t worth the temporary satisfaction. It requiresΒ a lot more effort to take off a little extra around the waist than it does to put it on….and its not nearly as fun! Have your “cheat meals” and “date nights”. Go out with friends and live your life…you deserve it!! Just choose your days wisely, and “slack” in moderation. Don’t turn a cheat day into a cheat week!

What do I do when I find myself straying from my healthy lifestyle? I would be happy to share some advice:

*Drink tons of water.

*Eat a very healthy breakfast to start each day off right; take your daily vitamins.

*Start logging your calories in a journal, or on an app. One app that I have recently found to be extremely user friendly is β€œMy Fitness Pal”. Logging your food intake for a few weeks just helps you stay aware of what you are actually eating. You will be surprised what a pointless bite here and there does to your calorie intake.

Here are some other useful health apps.

*Eat “backwards”. Have a nice, healthy breakfast each morning. For the remainder of the day, try to eat “backwards” or “European-ish”. What I mean by this is eat a heartyΒ lunch, a few snacks in between, and aΒ light dinner. I try not to carb load before bed! Opt for protein and veggies.

*Have your last meal 12 hours before breakfast the following day. Allow your body time to reset. For example: If eat breakfastΒ at 8 am, have your last meal before 8 pm the evening before.

These are just a few tricks that work for me to quickly get myself back on track! I love living my healthy lifestyle, but I am far from perfect. I hope you can find something useful here, and please share you own tips! Always looking to add to the list. πŸ™‚

One thought on “Cheat Days

  1. Jules says:

    I’m such an email slacker and I’m just getting to reading your emails now, but this one is GREAT. Never thought about eating dinner 12 hours before breakfast the next day. That’s a great way to work it. Thanks Leigh!!


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