Body Scanning: Are you in tune?

Your body. YOUR body. It’s all yours!


We were all born with something unique: this little, personal capsule to live in. Only you know how it feels. No one can dive inside and know what it’s like to live in your skin. You can talk about it and even describe how you feel using the most creative adjectives that Webster ever defined….but in reality, it’s up to you to be in check with what is going on in there.

To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. ~Buddha

Body scanning. I often teach runners how to perform a full body scan every few miles to be sure that they are in proper form. Body scanning also applies to everyone else…everyday. When you wake up in the morning, give yourself a nice, big stretch. Then, take an extra moment to scan your body from top to bottom. I think some of us definitely know our bodies enough to realize when we are getting sick or need a rest. Sometimes, the problem is admitting it. As we pack our agendas full of activities and tasks, we are constantly wishing for more hours in the day! 24 measly hours just doesn’t feel like enough most of the time to complete everything…which leaves errands undone and overflowing into the next day. This is a recipe for stress and restlessness. Don’t ever overwhelm yourself to the point that you start shaving off hours of sleep, or neglect your health. I have noticed that even when people can tell something is wrong, they ignore their symptoms because they simply do not have time to be sick.

Well guess what? If you fix the problem at an early stage, you are better off in the end! Taking a day or two now to recover may save you from becoming ill and being out for the count for a very LONG time. Think ahead. Be smart when it comes to caring for yourself. If you are not in good health and ignore your body signs, how can you do all of those wonderful things that you do everyday? If you don’t take care of yourself, WHO WILL?


What is included in YOUR morning body scan?

  • How is your head feeling? Jaw? Did you get a restful sleep or clench a little too tightly?
  • Is your neck loose or stiff?
  • How are your shoulders feeling? Do you have any knots?
  • Are your arms asleep?
  • Is your spine in alignment? Lower back sore?
  • How about your legs? Do you have pins and needles in your feet?

Take a complete rundown of your body to ensure that you are waking up revitalized. If you have any negative feedback, brainstorm for an answer of why and how you can change it.

A few examples:

  • Neck soreness? Maybe you need a new pillow.
  • Clenched Jaw? You could be falling asleep stressed out. One remedy could be as simple as writing out and planning your next days tasks so you don’t stress and worry about them all night long. Maybe you even have TMJ and should seek medical advice.
  • Lower back pain? Evaluating your posture throughout the day could help. You could even add in a few back strengthening exercises or stretching.
  • Pins and needles? Your circulation may need improvement. A different sleeping position or elevation might help.

You should know what to expect. If you worked out a day or two before, of course you would experience soreness. Overdoing it is a different story. Don’t be out of tune with yourself. I have actually seen a program on the Learning Channel about women not knowing they were pregnant until giving birth. Horrifying!


Regardless of what you may be feeling, it’s up to YOU to take charge. Make sure that you know yourself well enough and assess often. You would be surprised how this could negatively or positively effect the outcome of your whole entire day!


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