Funky Beet Juice


So you might know how I feel about cleansing. Oh ya, the good stuff!! We all get a little toxic over time due to a combination of the foods we ingest, our environment, and many additional factors that we might not even think directly affect us. Take a look at this for more information about my FAVORITE thing to do every 3-4 months….Herbal Cleansing.


Now, between our quarterly cleansing sessions, what can we do if we have a major cheat day? Maybe you had a special occasion (or two) and you just can’t seem to get back to normal. Feeling bloated or backed up is no fun for anyone.

Juicing can be a great remedy. To give your body a quick flush (pun intended πŸ˜‰ ) every so often the natural way is great for your system.

My go-to detox juice is definitely…..

Funky Beet Juice


2 medium (or one giant) Red Beet(s)

1 lg Carrot

1 inch peeled Ginger

1 small Apple

.5 peeled Lemon

Juice and enjoy.



  • I consider this an evening juice! You do not want to drink beets first thing in the morning on empty (it can upset your stomach).
  • Watch your sugar intake! All of these ingredients are starchy and high in sugar, so plan your day accordingly.
  • If you desire a little less funky flavor, consider peeling the beets and carrots. I keep the skin on for extra nutrients, but make sure to SCRUB throughly.
  • When you see red (if you know what I mean) don’t be alarmed….you’re not dying. You have just been cleansed! Woo hoo!

Good luck! Let us know if you feel brand new πŸ™‚

PS. Take a look at my FAVORITE everyday juice Mean Green. 20131121-123646.jpg

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