Positive Energy; Happy Life


So let’s say you are doing everything in your power to start your day off right.

Woke up bright and early on the right side of the bed.
Indulged in a heathy breakfast.
Got some exercise which left you feeling energetic and ready to tackle your daily activities.


But as the day goes on, you get bogged down. You end up dragging yourself home and enter the door that you bounced out of in a good mood. Now you’re ready to crawl under the blankets and hide.

What happened?

We can actively take steps each day to create a healthy, happy life for ourselves. Once you figure out what works for you, it becomes a piece of (low calorie) cake. The next challenge you may face is surrounding yourself with positive energy throughout the day.

We may not even realize it when it’s happening, but the people, places, and things we engage with may be positively or negatively impacting our lives. After being put in a particular situation, you may be walking away higher or lower than when you started. Each instance may be minimal and hard to recognize, but all of the insignificant moments can lead up to putting a negative spin on your day. Sometimes it is so frustrating because you can’t necessarily look back and find what has brought you down. It may not he been major mishap, but a total of a zillion small triggers.


If the things that are effecting us are not in our control, how the heck are we supposed to fix it?

Maybe this is what happened….

Someone cut you off on your drive to work.
You can’t change the way others drive. The best you can do is follow the traffic laws and hope others will do the same. If someone cuts you off or makes you mad in any way while driving, road rage is not the answer. No one can hear your bad words or see your angry face except for you. If they do, they will just go on with their day as usual, while you are let fuming.
Instead, just remember that it may not have been intentional. Maybe they need to get somewhere in an emergency and aren’t thinking clearly. Regardless of their situation, you are only in control of yourself. Be thankful that you are safe, hope that they are too, and go on with your day. Recognize that you were flustered and let it go.


Something got wrongly taken out on you.
It happens everyday. When someone is upset, they expend a little of their anger onto the next person in their path. Stop the chain reaction! Be confident that you did nothing to deserve it, and hope that your niceness will lift their spirits so that they won’t pass their negativity to anyone else. Have you ever read the Secret? It is a short read that may give you some ideas and explain the importance of holding onto your positive mood even after a bump in the road.


Someone you care about offended you.
There are many ways to deal with this depending on the situation. Not everyone feels the same way about certain comments. If something was said to you that hurt you, don’t bottle it up. Be honest and let them know. The chances are if they care about you, they didn’t realize that what they said or did effected you in a negative way. Instead of going over it again and again in your mind trying to decode it, nip it in the bud and talk it out. IF, in fact, you were intentionally hurt, let that person go. You must surround yourself with good people; good hearts. There are many people that love YOU for who you are and would never purposely say or do something to harm you…or your mood. Be sure that you create a positive network of people in your life. Even if you can’t see it, we feed on the energy around us. Eventually, negative people will drag you down with them.


So, when you leave your house feeling like a ray of sunshine…keep it going! Share your kindness with others and send them off with a piece of your positive energy. Don’t let things that aren’t personal to you bring you down. Sometimes the best you can do is be confident in yourself and hope for the best for those with a negative aurora.

*Dedicated to Miss Eleets. Don’t ever lose your sunshine.


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