AdvoBar Raw….Such a great snack!

Can you say YUM?


I tried these  Raw Bars when they were first released at the famous AdvoCare event called Success School in Texas. I wasn’t impressed for some reason. But when I stopped by a friend’s house and noticed she had boxes stocked up miles high, I felt like I was missing something.

I don’t know if my taste buds were burnt off from Spark overdose, but when I re-tried them I fell in love!!


They taste like the inside part of a fig newton!

I am always recommending that you set yourself up for success with snacks! Always have something on hand in case of a hunger emergency to avoid dietary disasters (like say, swinging into the drive thru for a Mc’Anything!)



If you get sick of the same flavor chocolate peanut butter bars and rubbery power snacks, pick up a box of these. They’re delish….and different.


Here are some key benefits:

5 Grams of Fiber

5 Grams of protein

210 Calories

Fruit and Nut blend

No Cholesterol


Everyone I have introduced them to so far has felt the same way, so I decided to share with everyone!

Enjoy…I know you will 🙂


For more product info and nutritional information, click here.

To try a box, click here!

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