Forks Over Knives: A documentary worth watching.

I’ve recently had the opportunity to watch a few documentaries that were recommended to me by a physician. I have never really watched many documentaries other the E! True Hollywood Stories, so I had been putting them off. But I am SO glad that I came around!! I learned a world of new information.

If you ever have the chance, take the time to watch Forks Over Knives. For a documentary, it is pretty entertaining. You will walk away having learned many scary health statistics that will make you think twice about what you eat. It isn’t disgustingly scary, just factual. They show a lot of studies and graphs that compare our diet to those of other countries…and how they run parallel with the amount of people who have cancer and other diseases. The results are shocking! In a nut shell, when the Western Diet Β was introduced to other countries such as China and Japan, the cancer rates increased RAPIDLY. The diet was the only changing factor; it was a no brainer. The American way of eating, which includes tons of fast food and convenience foods, is a sure way to make an entire population get sick.


They also teach you about the downside of animal proteins. For the most part, animal proteins are very bad for you. They, too, can cause cancer and disease. The proof is in the scientific studies. Plant based proteins are the way to go!

This is usually a touchy subject for people. I’m not saying the world should convert into the vegan lifestyle. I’m not going all P.E.T.A. on you either!! I am just talking from a health perspective. If you want to live to be 110 with me, you have to learn to be healthy with me too!


Check it out. It will take 2 hours of your time. I promise you won’t be sorry.

Again, its Forks over Knives…get it? Choose salads (forks) over meat (knives) ! HAHA πŸ™‚


PS. Β It can be found on Netflix if you are a subscriber!

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