Race Training Pep Talk.


Anyone can do anything they put their mind to. Did I say training is easy? Well that all depends….how bad do you want it?


The key to completing the challenge of race training is first and foremost really wanting it. You have to move your training to one of your top priorities for the next couple of months. Think and plan your action steps every night before you go to sleep. Act on the steps every day on schedule. If you are planning what you are going to do the moment you wake up, it’s already too late.


It is important to be very realistic. Don’t set yourself up for disaster! You must assess yourself and start at the correct level. You can choose your training program and the length of time it takes to complete, so don’t feel like your starting point is to low to finish strong. Always strive to beat you OWN personal goals.


Don’t hang where it’s comfortable.

challenge yourself

Keep improving! You always need to be trying to beat yourself and expect more.

Every run isn’t going to be perfect, and thats OK. Be positive. Don’t keep saying “I’m out of shape”, “I don’t run”. Β If you are in this thinking about a race, you must want to accomplish that goal for a certain reason. Whether it’s time for you to get into a healthier lifestyle, or you want to prove to yourself that you can stick to and conquer something out of the ordinary, make sure your mind is on point every single day. There is no harm in talking to yourself (as crazy as you think it sounds). Recognize your successes, congratulate your self, and take it up a notch. Don’t be down on yourself, keep pressing and accomplish what you’ve set out to do….no matter how many tries it takes!Β 

Now get your mind in the game and let’s do this. What are you waiting for? Lace up and GO!!

Β IMG_2516

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