Create YOUR Motivation Board!

Staying in tune with social media can be really motivating. Between pinning, posting, and tweeting fitness quotes and other healthy ideas, we should be experts right?


All of this stuff is fun to look at. We dream and wish that we could fit into that string bikini by summer time…but still never make the purchase. We relate to the quotes whole heartedly when they tell us to stay on top of things. But once we close the tabs and log off, life gets in the way. Our motivating material is tucked away somewhere on the world wide web as it fades from our minds. We may even be looking at so many different pictures and ideas that we don’t even know where to start!


Let’s get old school! Needless to say, I love the Internet…but some things just have to be written out and posted in your REAL daily life. Out of all of those quotes and goals you are aimlessly scanning, choose some and get to it!


Make a personal Motivation Board!

No one has to see it but YOU. Hang it up on your bathroom mirror (or in another area where you will be forced to look at it daily)

Here’s how:

1. Buy a white board.

2. Pick a few goals.Β Ideas:Β Do you have an event coming up? Make it your goal to rock that special outfit.Β Are you trying to excel in a sport, such as running? Make it a goal to run 1 full mile.

3. Find a few quotes that hit home. Write them out.

4. Β Think of a few daily tasks that you slack on. Examples could be drinking enough H2O, taking your vitamins, or cooking at home.

5. If you’re trying to lose weight, count down the pounds. Each few pounds lost, reward yourself! Write the rewards so that you have something to look forward to, such new gym clothes or a massage.Β 

6. Clip some motivational images from a magazine, or find that old photo of you when you felt the best in your life. Pin it up!



The options for your board are ENDLESS! You can read quotes and look at motivational pictures all day long, but the real motivation comes from deep inside of YOURSELF. Take the time to find what is really important to you. It’s personal!Β When you write it out and read it daily, it becomes real. Make sure your goals are accessible and plant them into your mind. Once you truly envision them, just water the seeds daily and soon enough you will be making a fresh board!


Take the ideas of others and use them only as building blocks as you create your own vision.



My Motivation Board

photo 2

Lame or not, just try it. You might be surprised what it can do for YOU!




PS. Please share your boards with us on Facebook! I would LOVE to see your creation!


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