Practice what you PREACH!

Easier said than done!

i.e. Handing out advice that we don’t necessarily follow. We all know it; we all do it.

Phew! Some things are just hard to admit. So why do we feel the need to dish out tips on things that we slack on?

Well, it’s not ALL bad. Sometimes it’s for the mere fact that we care about the other person and know better…wanting them to follow something that we know is good for them even if we can’t live up to it ourselves.


This way of thinking can backfire, so watch out! The last thing you want to do is seem hypocritical. Although you may be trying to help out, people may very well look at your life and wonder why you have the nerve to suggest something that you obviously aren’t partaking in. Choose your advice carefully.

So why the heck is it so difficult to take you own advice on certain things? It just is. Knowing that is the first step.

Sometimes we have our own little ways of avoiding things that need attention by focusing on something else. When I had a paper due for college, I used to clean the entire house instead. When my laundry needs put away, I will do ANYTHING else in the world before conquering that mountain.

What are you “allergic” to? What kind of advice are you dishing out? Chances are that if you are so passionate to help others with the subject, deep down you want it for yourself!

When it comes to health, eating right and exercising are two major things that people love to preach about and not BE about. Let’s figure out how to get around that!

laundry mtn

Here are some ideas:

-Are you guilty of pinning TONS of healthy recipes on Pinterest, but haven’t yet tried one? Take the plunge and print on out!! You are showing everyone else cook healthy meals… but do you know for sure that these are recipes worth sharing? Plan your next dinner and make it a healthy one! Planning ahead is key. Waiting until the last minute is a disaster. Hunger = Bad Decisions.


-If you are giving advice on how to eat clean and cleanse, don’t check in at an Irish Pub! I understand that we all let loose once in a while, but when people are listening to your advice they are watching you…and most likely judging what you are doing. They may Β start taking what you say with a grain of salt if you are publicizing the opposite. If you DO check in at a not so healthy place, let us know how you were able to make the necessary changes in order to stick to your plan. Make it into a learning experience, and share your knowledge!

For example: Make a note that you ate grilled fish instead of fried.


-Do you have all of the workout knowledge in the world from flipping through health and fitness magazines, but can’t exactly log a workout within the last 6 months? This may be one of the hardest, yet most common. Why is it SO darn hard to just get up and start? Once you do, we all know how much better we will feel in the long run. Since your inner voice is against you, find someone else to hold you accountable. Set a date with a friend to exercise. Make it public! Don’t be that person with all the tips and tricks unless you can truly stand behind your own advice.

Click to read more about holding yourself accountable!

(But not to this extent! :))


Now write down all of the healthy things that you know, and even the things that you wish you knew! Expand your knowledge. Be walking proof that your words are legit.


Learn it.

Get excited about it.

Share it.

Practice it.

Prove it.

Live it.

Aspire Total Wellness.

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