$$$ Rewarding Running Apps


 Have you ever been guilted into going to the gym solely because you were paying for it? Go ahead, admit it. We are all human and sometimes don’t do things for the all the right reasons.

guilty look

But hey, it’s ok! When you are first starting a new workout regimen, the first few weeks can be very trying. Even if you used to work out and are finally picking back up where you left off, it can be difficult. You may be hearing people say,

Oh, you are going to feel soooo good after you work out.

And you might just want to strangle them because at this point, it doesn’t make you feel good. In fact, you need a lot more motivation than that!


They are right though. That “good” feeling they are talking about is real. Science shows that endorphins release during a good sweat session, leaving you in a better mood.


So why is it so darn hard to begin… let alone “stick and stay” with your routine for the first few days, or even weeks?

Well, the truth may very well be that until you get that energetic feeling and burst of endorphins flowing though your body, you may need a push from a different direction.


If the motivational pictures and articles just aren’t cutting it for you…..take a look at this!


Gympact is an app for your phone that helps you keep your gym promises like no other. How? You set your goal for the week, link your PayPal account, and get money deducted for each workout you miss. The best part is, if you KEEP your workouts, you get paid at the end of the week by the SLACKERS that didn’t hit the gym!

The app icon looks like this:


You check in by GPS at known gyms such as LA Fitness, or you can sync your outdoor activities with RunKeeper app.

runkeeper runkeeperapp

Both of these apps are equally awesome and absolutely FREE!! 🙂

So go ahead, check it out for yourself if you need that extra kick! When you first sign up, they give you a $5 credit to test it out…not requiring PayPal information right away if you’re still unsure about the whole thing.

If you stick to your goals, you can reward yourself with new gym gear, pamper yourself with a massage, or even pay to sign up for your next race!

(FYI: I do not get paid for reviewing companies. I just like sharing tools to help you succeed!)

And remember….


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