Static Stretch Series

 Full Series of Recommended Static Stretches

Performing each and every one of these stretches after your runs with take less than 10 minutes. It is safe to say that this is the most important 10 minutes of your workout! By keeping yourself flexible, you are preventing yourself from future disaster. Be careful when you say you “don’t have time to stretch”. By not stretching, you may very well hurt yourself and be out of the game for quite a while. Then you will have all the time in the world, wishing that you had taken that extra step! Do yourself a favor and take care of your body. You are working your muscles hard and they deserve a little TLC. 🙂

tlcNO…..not that TLC. Allthough, they do look like way more fun! 😉


This series of stretches is meant to be done in order. If you notice, I take you from a standing position to the floor in order to avoid getting up and down over and over. If you create a nice “flow” with your stretching, it becomes quick and easy.


 Standing Forward Bend

standing bend

Stand with legs hip width apart. Fold in half, aiming to grab back of ankles. 10-15 sec.

Alternating Forward Bend

Stand wide. Bend from hips, walk both hand to one ankle (10-15 sec); shift weight and walk both hands to other ankle (10-15 sec).


Kneeling Quad Stretch

kneelingquad stretch

Starting in a kneeling position, relax your arms to your sides and lean your body back for a deep quad stretch. 10-15 sec.


Low Lunge

low lunge

Starting in a kneeling position, plant one foot forward, keeping your leg at a 90 degree angle (be sure not to extend your knee over your toes!) Place you hands on your leg to to your body away from your thigh for an added hip stretch. 10-15 sec.




Have a seat with your feet together, elbows resting on knees. Gently bounce to loosen hips and groin. Bring feet 6 inches out and slowly lower your nose toward your toes. Hold 10-15 sec.


Seated Forward Bend

seated bend

In a seated position, extend your legs straight out in front of you with your toes flexed. Fold your body, reach for your toes and exhale. (10-15 sec.) Take a deep breath, sit tall. Point your toes and repeat.


Hip Twister

lower back

In a seated position, bring your foot across your body so that your outside right ankle is next to the outside of your left knee. Place your left elbow in front of your right knee and look back to give your lower back a nice stretch. 10-15 sec.


Glute Pull


In a seated position with your hand on floor behind your body, bend left knee and plant foot. Cross your leg by resting your right ankle on your left knee. Lift your left toes and lean your body into right foot. 10-15 sec.




Lying on back, plant both feet into the ground. With arms resting parallel to ground, raise and squeeze your glutes for a quad and lower back stretch. 10-15 sec. Repeat.


In conclusio , there are SO many great stretches our there! Eventually you can try a variety and create your own routine that suits your body the best. You will find it through trial and error…but in the meantime, this is a safe place to start.

Click here for a quicker, more basic stretch series!


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