The meaning of a “RUN”.


The word “run” can be intimidating to some. Let’s get our facts straight for just a minute here….

When most people say “I’m going for a run”, it usually doesn’t mean that they are flying out their front door and running full speed like they are being chased by a zombie.


The meaning of a run can be many different things depending on who you’re talking to. A few examples would be:

Taking a light jog outside.

Jogging on flat ground, hills, or a beach.

Treadmill running and walking.

Jogging for a while, and walking in between.

Running with sprints.

turtle running

The variations are endless! Most of us use the common phrase “going for a run”, but it can be perceived many different ways.Β Fast? Slow? Walking breaks? Your run might be my jog. Your jog might be my run. Who’s know’s?

running old man

The best part about taking up running as a hobby: it doesn’t matter what your definition of “going for a run” is! It’s personal.

why run

Running one of the few sports where you can choose to compete with yourself. You assess your OWN personal records, and strive to beat them in your own ways.

Take races for example. People sign up for marathons for all different reasons.



New hobby.

Bucket list.

Short term goals.

Long term goals.

Bragging rights!

When people train for these races(more often than not), they strive to beat THEIR best time; THEIR best run; THEIR longest distance. Not someone else’s! We aren’t usually out there competing with each other, we are trying to better ourselves.


Running is not only great for the obvious reasons such as cardio, endurance, and health benefits.

It is also great training for the MIND. For example, it takes great motivation to train for a race. You have to be dedicated and disciplined to stay on track with your training plans. Keeping promises to yourself is so important, yet so hard for many of us. Training properly helps people make plans and stick to them. When we do that in one aspect of our lives, we eventually create patterns and use the same mindset for other things in our lives. Learning to take a more organized approach on life can reduce stress….not to mention the Β increased endorphins!

running releases

So, take the time to get to know yourself and your personal definition of “running”. Find your starting point, get to know it, and surpass it. You might find that your original motivation for getting into this sport can change over time. There are reasons that people fall in love with running. They are only to be unveiled by trying it for yourself….

And remember…….

lapping couch

….and most importantly….

running therapy


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