An App for THAT?

Technology is AMAZING! There is an application for just about everything these days. There are even apps to organize and run the apps you already have!


I remember when I was still stuck  in Blackberry land, my friend Kristen said,

I can rule the world with my iPhone!


Now, I know exactly what she means. If you know me now, I am the queen of finding an “app for that”.


I won’t go into every app on my screen because that could take months. I will, however, share the ones that I feel may be beneficial to your lifestyle! There are a few specific apps that I like to share with people to make their lives a bit easier when it comes to being health conscious. I’ll stick with the last 4 i’ve personally used.


1. Loseit!


This app is great for an all around food and exercise tracker. You start by creating an account and setting your goals.The app helps you calculate your daily calorie budget. You can log your foods throughout the day by searching for them in their database. Some of the databases on similar apps are disappointing because they don’t feature many brands. This one is pretty decent and on point with the nutrition facts. You can even scan barcodes for quick entry. You can also log exercises, participate in activities, and invite friends to join the app for motivation.

2. Fooducate


This a pretty cool app where you can scan barcodes of food items. It brings up the nutrition facts AND helps you learn about what is in your food. The app gives each item ratings and tells you why they are nutritious or harmful for you. The ratings aren’t perfect every time, but it can be very helpful when you are in a bind at the supermarket. Have you ever stood in the cereal isle staring at 135468 boxes of granola….wondering which one is best? Scan away! You can also keep track of your diet and exercise here too which in convenient if you want an all-in-one place to store your health info.

3. Interval Timer

interval timer


Not complicated, doesn’t have a million features to learn….gets the job done. Great for my cardio lovers. Jump ropers and walk/runners- a must have! Set the app for low and high intervals, it will alert you with your tone of choice when it’s time to switch. No more staring at your phone timer the whole time!

For example, when you are training for a race, you could set to jog for 2 minutes/walk 30 sec. It a very convenient tool to have on your phone to help stay consistent during workouts.

You could also use it for circuit training! Instead of counting reps, try doing as many reps as possible in a set amount of time and switch exercises at the alerts instead of resting. Sometimes this method allows you to get more out of your workout in a shorter period of time.

4. Nike+ Running


And of course…ol’ trusty! Out of all of the GPS running apps available, I always seem to have the most luck with this one. They are constantly updating it with new features, and it is very user friendly. It tracks your runs, lets you rate them, and even congratulates you as you go along. Once Lance Armstrong told me I did a great job 🙂 I know, i’m special!

smiling-laughing-animals (3)

So, i’m not claiming to be the app guru! I just wanted to share a few that work for me.:)

These 4 pretty much cover all of the bases.

Oh, and did I mention that they’re all


Now you’re interested?I knew it! Enjoy!


6 thoughts on “An App for THAT?

  1. Carlos says:

    Another of your outstanding examples of how your knowledge and experience can make life’s tasks so much easier. Technology is amazing and keeping up with the thousands of apps becomes very time consuming and tedious. Thanks fro breaking it down for us. Love your blog!


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