{self} R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

Flying. We all know the drill. The attendants make it very clear with their lovely demonstrations. When the oxygen mask drops, use the air supply for YOURSELF before helping others. Makes perfect sense, right? We can’t save someone else if we are down and out!


Why is it that we don’t take the flight attendants advice long term? I mean I have flown a zillion times and still every time they make their spiel, I think to myself….

“Wow, it would be such a habit for most people to give the mask to their loved one first!”


We may come across people in our lives, and roll our eyes at their selfishness (and if we are actually noticing it, they may be going overboard). But to a certain extent, these individuals may have the right idea. It’s human nature for most to care for their loved ones over themselves. Don’t get me wrong, we should all cherish and love our friends and family; however the pot should be divided equally at the very least.


Let me explain….

If we don’t care for OURSELVES first and foremost, how are we supposed to make sure that we are around to provide for the people in our lives? We all live in different situations. We all have unique demands of love. Whether we have animals, children, or life changing jobs, we need to be sure that we are living in a way that allows us to be there when needed. We are counted on, and that is a blessing in itself.



Make a list of the first ten people who come to mind. Think how how the world would change if they disappeared. Who are they to you? Do you see them in the same light that they see themselves?


Below is a list of a variety of people in my life. They aren’t in level of “importance” because I cherish everyone. I hand picked these individuals to show variety. Even if the people here wouldn’t specifically be a must in YOUR life, they are essential to many lives for a pleather of reasons….as you are to others!

Ten Randoms.

Carlos. Neonatolgist. Helps innocent people who can’t help themselves. He is a hero in most people’s eyes, but may forget it every once in a while when he is under stress. His own health and happiness is critical to many lives that come cross his path. How many lives does he help save each year?

precious life

Renee. Assisted Living Facility Administrator. Cherishes and cares for people who have already lived the majority of their lives. Realizes that every life if precious and makes people feel loved, important, and comfortable in their late years when other loved ones may have forgotten. The elderly are neglected by many, and their unbelievable lives are ignored everyday. Where would they be without her constant care?


Danielle. Mother. Left her comfortable, familiar life for the benefit of her new and growing family. She moved from her job, her own mother, and all of her lifelong friends because it meant that her family could thrive. She is the rock of many people. She is depended on for survival by her loved ones. What would happen is she “quit”?

mother quote 2

Elizabeth . Animal lover. Owner of two adopted dogs. Pets solely depend on our love and care. In turn, they give us companionship. They are innocent and require a lifetime caretaker. Not everyone can provide the consistency and patience a pet needs. Where would the future of animals be without people like her?

ghandi animals

Andrea. Therapist. Councils victims of trauma. Some people are scared to deal with others who have been through tragedies, but not her. She listens and works with complicated minds so that they can have their lives back. Where would we be without the strength and stability of people like her?


Nancy. Baker. Prepares wedding cakes. Helps plan one of the most memorable times of peoples lives. Works hours and hours making peoples visions and dreams come true. What would we do without some if the symbols of love that we cherish everyday?


Beth. Hair stylist. Makes people feel good about themselves on a daily basis. Provides an avenue for people to relax for a few moments and enjoy her artistry. Her clients leave her presence with a boost of self confidence. Where would we go for these necessary indulgences without her?


Kelly.Physical Therapist. Helps people rejuvenate. Provides emotional and physical support to those who need hope. Revives and helps people regain normalcy. Realizes that the small, unnoticeable things in life should be cherished. Where would we be without people who help us appreciate the things we take for granted?

appreciation quotes

Tara. Confidant. Someone that you can pour your heart into. A non judgmental listener who will always stand behind her people. The one person who you know that you can call on with the best or worst news, and she will provide a calm sense of stability. Where would we be without our personal support systems?


Mike, Sr., Mike Jr., Keith. Problem Solvers. Inventors.Taking the facts and mapping them out. Cutting to the chase in order to get things done. Can see the short cuts and know how to bypass unnecessary factors. Sometimes we get caught up in minuscule details of life and lose focus of the big picture. Where would we be without alternative perspectives?


I am only scraping the surface of what these individuals provide to this world. I could write a book about the importance each and every person in my life, and i’m sure you could too! And maybe you should take the time to let them know they are valuable.

Now, what about yourself?


It can be an uncomfortable task to define who you are. No one wants to appear that they are “tooting their own horn”. However, it is very important to realize how you help make the world go ‘round.

Me.Crazy bird and chihuahua loving lady. Loves to inspire others to find health and happiness.

IMG_3955 IMG_4373IMG_4246


You are one of a kind. Treat yourself with respect!

You may nourish your family with healthy foods. What about yourself?

You may take care of boo-boos or provide emotional support. What about yourself?

You may encourage other to succeed in their dreams and goals. What about yourself?


You deserve all of that and more. Put yourself first in order to be your best for others!


Being self-less is selfish! Aspire Total Wellness.


Eat healthy.









And always take your own advice!

Dedicated to all of the mommy’s out there, always putting everyone else first. What would we do without you? We truly would not exist.

2 thoughts on “{self} R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

  1. Carlos says:

    What more can I say, I follow your blog and you seem to always outdo yourself with each successive writing. Very inspirational very true and so appropriate in times when everyone seems so busy to just stop and “smell the roses”. I hope you continue to provide these special insights so that we my continue to become not only physically healthy but emotionally well and inspired. You’re the best!!


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