Shout, shout, LET IT ALL OUT!

   music notes   Shout, shout, let it all out, these are the things I can do without
Come on, I’m talking to you, come on!! music notes

OK, so if you have never heard the song, you may have no idea what i’m talking about!!


What i’m trying to get across is that we should all be shouting out our goals and accomplishments for all to hear!

Let me explain….


When we embark on a new journey of in life, regardless of what it is, accountability is KEY. Setting goals is tough and following through to the end can be challenging. If someone else is aware and holding you accountable, you may have the desire to push a little harder and see things through.


In the past, I struggled with keeping promises to myself. In my mind and on paper, I had everything mapped out in order to be fit and healthy. I did the research though zillions of books,magazines, articles, and apps. I knew what needed to be done daily! Putting all of those plans in action was where it got tricky. I would go to bed preparing myself to wake up and conquer the world! But when morning came around, I was able to put it off another day because I wasn’t holding myself accountable. Time was my enemy.


Finally, I realized what was going on. I was upset with myself for being so weak! I was desperate to find a way to make things happen. I made big decision….

I went public!


If I had to choose one of the most difficult decisions that i’ve made in the past few years that got me  over a plateau during my journey to better health, it would be the choice to go public.

I chose a big goal and announced it to all of my friends and family….


shout it out

I posted it on all of my social media sites for the world to see. I checked in at the gym. I announced my runs, which included my milage goals and auto-posted when I was done whether I liked it or not! People were free to monitor my progress, seeing whether I met my goals or gave up too early.


Why was this such a big deal for me? Well, you can probably imagine. I was held accountable by EVERYONE in my life. I gave people access to my progress. If I checked into the gym, and checked out of the gym 10 minutes later I was embarrassed! If I posted that I set out on a 3 mile run and gave up after a mile, I knew it would auto post for all to see!


Going public helped me in so many ways. First of all, it helped me set realistic goals. When you raise the bar too high, you set yourself up for failure…which leads to disappointment….and sometimes giving up out of frusteration. Instead of indulging in the bright idea that I could take on the road and run 5 miles in my first day, I was forced to think twice since I was announcing it. I reevaluated myself many times and set  realistic goals each day that I could accomplish and be proud of.


Posting went from a little embarrassing to EXCITING! Eventually, people were catching on to what I was doing and cheering me on everyday. I was eager to read the posts of people who were tuning into my workouts. Throughout my training, I had comments and tips that got me through my toughest days. Motivation came from all angles. All of the support that I received from my family and friends really made a difference and carried me through my training one day (and mile) at a time.


Learn from me and skip the contemplating. It’s a great idea to make the announcement. Don’t be to shy  to go public with your next big goal. Don’t worry that you will annoy people with your posts; the people who are annoyed aren’t important. If you surround yourself great people, they will be more than happy to participate in motivating you!

My story…

The storm…


I woke up the day of the Key Biscayne 13.1 to the sound of hurricane winds at 3 AM. I lie awake, losing sleep over the thought of a cancelation! When 5 AM came around, it was still pouring. I got ready and crossed my fingers that it would stop in time.

I met up with my running buddy bright and early…still pitch black outside!


As I walked up to the line and stretched in my soaking wet gear, I got a little twinge of doubt. I thought, “I didn’t train for this weather! how am I supposed to do this?”



The race was on. I sucked it up and posted the race online. IMMEDIATELY, people started clicking “Like” and wishing me “Good Luck”. I reached deep inside and told myself I was no quitter. I worked too hard and too many people were rooting for me!


I was dripping from head to toe, my shoes filled with water. My headphones broke from the water damage so I ran miles 4-13 in silence. For at least 3 out of the 13 miles my eyes were closed, shielding my pupils from the wind and rain. At times, I felt like I was going to blow off of the bridges, but I kept going.


By mile 11, I had one complete blister outlining my body  around my  bra and and briefs…..


I didn’t set a time goal for my first race and i’m glad I didn’t due to the conditions that slowed us down.

But I crossed that finish line! I reached MY goal of running the entire race without stopping to walk!


My biggest fan was pushing me through, acting as a “paparazzi” and waiting for me at the finish line. He believed in me when all else failed. 🙂



 I met MY personal goal and  I couldn’t have done it without the major love and support! Thank you to everyone who helped me accomplish something that was so important to me. It helped me to get into better shape and boosted my self confidence. I will never forget you.




10 thoughts on “Shout, shout, LET IT ALL OUT!

  1. Carlos says:

    I’m so proud on my partner in health! Leigh, you are excellent at inspiring me and many others around us. From your beach workout meet ups to the personal training and the constant support for those around you! You definitely are one of the BEST coach, personal trainer and motivator, to say just the very least, there’s so much more that you put into helping us move forward in health. Thank you so much for sharing!


  2. Jessica says:

    Leigh is a true inspiration to those of us who have fallen off the wagon over and over again. Working with her and following the Aspire Wellness page and blog is a daily reminder of how important it is to believe in ourselves. We are human and we make mistakes, but we have to remember to always get up and try again. Sharing her personal experiences is a true motivator to those of who have struggled and continue to make a daily effort to improve our overall health and wellness!


    • Thank you Jessica!! The responses of the people I can help are, in return, my inspiration. So thank you for sharing with me that you enjoy my posts and stories…that is what keeps me going!! It is a circle of motivation. Sometimes we just have to put ourselves out there, because we never know who we might touch by doing so!


  3. Renee says:

    I love you Leigh. I am so proud of who you are and what you do. Dont stop being who you are and reaching for your future goals. Climb that ladder!


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