Taken for granted.

Every day is a beautiful day, we take so many things for granted. Be thankful for your sound mind and body πŸ™‚

-Kelly Posten


True words of wisdom spoken by my dear friend Kelly.

When I woke up today and logged onto the internet (a daily ritual for most of us), bad news didn’t flood my screen. Sometimes it’s easy to get bogged down and clouded with media constantly dwelling on the negatives of the world we live in. Instead, the first words I read this morning were Β “Every day is a beautiful day, we take so many things for granted. Be thankful for your sound mind and body.” Followed by a “Happy Wednesday!”.

A happy Wednesday it turned out to be.


I didn’t realize until this evening that these words stuck with me all day long . They were lingering in the back of my mind, keeping me positive and smiling throughout the day. Negativity is out there regardless of what you do or where you are. You can control your own actions, but you can not control the actions of those around you.For example, if you are at the gym (which I was) and someone next to you is complaining loudly about their life for everyone to hear, you can’t exactly stop her. But what you CAN do is choose how you want to deal with that information.

My Experience.

(Lady Complaining Loudly)


Yesterday, I may have become very irritated. I could have chosen to roll my eyes and wonder why she disrupting everyone else’s morning with her problems. This would have caused me to become tense and annoyed for no reason that was personal to me.

(my irritated, eye rolling subconcious)


Today, with Kelly’s words of wisdom floating around in my brain, I felt relieved that I was in a happy, peaceful state and getting my morning exercise. I even secretly hoped that she would get everything worked out because she looked really sad. I smiled a really nice smile in her direction which caught her eye, and she smiled back. Maybe I even cheered her up a little, who knows?


So I am going to remember this…..



Β esponsible

When you are feeling down….

Β Β cheer up not a bad life

4 thoughts on “Taken for granted.

  1. Carlos says:

    I just love reading your blog, so much inspiration, a delight to read always!!! Leigh you’re the best inspiration of all!!!


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