Live by the ‘perfect’ daily guide….YOUR OWN!


When it comes to your daily routine, chances are you don’t follow a set guideline. You may try to stick to certain ways of living, but most people just kind of wake up and go with the flow.


Most of our days are probably consistent in some ways. Whether it be your job, family, or some other parts of your life that you schedule in, there are certain measures you might be able to take to be sure you are squeezing some “health forward” choices!


The BEST way to stick to a plan is to make it a habit. Create a new part of your life that is as natural as brushing your teeth in the morning. We all know this may not be as easy as 1,2,3…but it sure is possible! Many things are easier said than done, but that’s where planning, determination, and motivation come into play.

Where do you begin?


Make a list of a few things that you could be doing to create a healthier lifestyle. I’m sure you have an idea of what you are slacking on…even if it’s hard to admit. This list could contain anything!

A few commmon choices are:

Eating healthier, drinking more water, and getting more exercise.

Exercise to have fun


Buy a blank journal. For the next few weeks, try and map out your days as well as possible. Date each page and write whether you will be working, off, planning an event, etc. This will give you an idea of what daily guidelines will be feasible. You never want to set yourself up for failure. Look ahead; be realistic! We can’t be perfect every day, sometimes we have dates, parties, and other plans. If you plan for them properly, you can be sure to stay strict everyday leading up to the event, and get right back to it the following morning.

business planner


Carefully make a list of 3 Mini Goals. These will depend on your daily routine as of now of course.


Eat breakfast.

Write “Eat Breakfast” on the top of your journal page each day until you succeed for a whole week. Once you accomplish this “mini goal” for 7 days straight, it’s time for a new one! If you revert back to not eating breakfast daily, start writing BOTH mini goals at the top of the page until you have each one down for 7 days straight before adding the last.


This task will help you to become consistent in accomplishing small, important goals. You will start feeling very proud for sticking to it….and you should!! you are on the way to creating your very own life guide. 🙂

When you feel like you have successfully turned your first three mini goals into no-brainer daily habits…..create a new set!

one-step-at-a-time 1

Some other examples could be:

Pack my lunch.

Drink 8 glasses of H20.

Eat a light dinner.

Take a walk.

Snack between meals.

Portion control.



Eventually, you will have mastered every possible mini goal you can think of (and this could take months, even a year…..there is no rush when it comes to making a guide to live by for the rest of your life!) Now it’s time to get to work.

Take another good look at your life. Revert back to your food journal. Think about what was hard, what felt great, things that made you have more energy, and even the things that didn’t work out for you.


Compile a list of 5 Things that compliment your life in every way. These will be the ones that without a doubt made your days easier and healthier. They might have been challenging, but you always knew that these were the things that were most beneficial to YOU.


Get out the computer, and type it up. Don’t store it in your brain, or just write it on a post it. Compose a nice list…laminate it, and treasure it. You have gone through many measures to get this list and it is very special. You have taken the time and energy to better your life and find out what works for YOU personally.


Only you have the power to know what compliments your own life!


What does my life guide look like? Why, i’m glad you asked!

Here it is:


Leigh’s 5 Daily Guidelines



 AM: Upon waking up, drink a tall, very cold glass water to get your metabolism started. Squeeze a lemon into it for an extra boost!

Daily: Drink half your body weight in ounces of pure water each and every day! You need to stay hydrated and flush toxins continuously.


Nutritious Breakfast!

The first thing in your body is VERY important. Try to have a balanced breakfast with a good source of protein, or a nutritious meal replacement shake.


Carb Deadline!

Map out your normal daily routine, try and have all of your carbs in mid-day

This could mean by 3 PM or 5 PM, all depending on the time you wake up and turn in.

The goal is to make dinner your lightest meal…..Carb-free/ Protein and Veggies only.




At the very least, take a multi vitamin and omegas with a meal. Multi’s can give you an upset stomach without food. Omegas are absorbed best with a meal.

Other Supplements

When taking supplements, follow the directed times. They are there for a reason!

For example, always take:

 *Catalyst 30 min before a meal or workout. This promotes absorption into your muscles.

*ThermoPlus 15-30 minutes before meals. The point is to boost metabolism and curb appetite before eating.

*Carb Ease Plus With your largest, carb containing meal. It helps the breakdown and digestion of carbs that your body cannot handle naturally.



On Strength Training days, squeeze in at least 30 min cardio.

On Cardio days, push yourself to beat your own personal  records!

(Feel free to use my personal guide for ideas and pass it along :))


Let’s make this change! Get started on your very own guide.

Still need some motivation or suggestions?

As always, I’m here for you 🙂

Please ask me questions, I love to help!


“Take the first step to a healthy, happy YOU!”


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