“I’m addicted to you, don’t you know that you’re toxic?”

OK, OK, we may not ALL know the lyrics to Britney Spear’s “Toxic”.


But seriously, let’s talk about our toxic environment for a moment. We all live in one, whether we like it or not! The choice is not always yours……


From the time we wake up in the morning……


Rise and shine!! We all have our own little rituals in the AM. We usually bathe, and follow up with a series of products to “beautify”. Make-up, lotion, sunscreen, hair products, you name it! We use them all. But do we really know what we are putting on to (and eventually absorbing INTO) our bodies? Probably not. I can guarantee you that the products you are using everyday are not auΒ naturel. Is this our fault? Not totally. We probably could read up a little more about the chemicals that we use on our beloved bods, but who has the time to actually become an expert? Decoding some of those ingredients would take some serious schooling. We use what is available to us, not to mention what is in our price range. We can’t all be ordering pure organic face creams. $$$ Cha-ching!!


…..to departing to conquer our day…..

zenvironment (1)

Depending on the cities we live in and our means of transportation, we may be breathing in large amounts of toxins on a daily basis by merely stepping outside. Car exhaust, factory waste, or cigarette smoke may be silently making it’s way into our bodies causing us to become more and more toxic by the minute. We may notice differences in our skin tone, hair, nails, and even dark circles over time.


…..fueling our bodies along the way…..

z95% sick by food

On the road again! As much as we strive to have the PERFECT eating habits…(right? ;))…life gets in the way. Some days we are on the go and make unhealthy choices. Sometimes we may think we know exactly what we are eating, but can be fooled. When you eat out, do you actually know what is in your food or where it came from? Absolutely not! And unless you are shopping 100% organic, you are mostly liking eating chemicals and toxins at home too; even if you do PROMISE to never eat processed foods!! πŸ˜‰


…..and everything in between!!

What do your days consist of? They are all different, DUH! Maybe some of us have the same 9-5 job each day, but weave in variety of activities into our normalcies. Does anyone get there nails done once in a while? Pump gas lately? How about your hi-lites? Take a prescription for a cold? Maybe your job even puts you in an unhealthy breathing environment. You really can’t avoid inhaling certain toxins 24/7, they are just everywhere.


Freaked out? Don’t be. As long as you play it as safe as you can, you will be just fine. Small daily encounters aren’t necessarily harmful immediately; but they can build up in your system overtime.


Wondering what effects you may have with a toxic system? They may be gradual changes meaning as they happen slowly, you get used to them and not even notice until you have a wake up call.




Lack of energy; feeling fatigue.


Bloating; retaining water.


Dull skin tone; acne; dry skin


Dry hair; split ends.


And guess what else?



Build up of toxins overtime can alter our blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Toxins also distort our Lepin levels (the hormone that reminds our bodies to burn fat as energy). Digestion becomes harder and harder. Our bodies have a difficult time absorbing the good nutrients from fruits and veggies, and start to hold onto fat for energy.

Every so often our bodies need to re-boot. We need to clean out the trash that we have collected and start fresh.



Rid your bodily waste!! The 3 P’s: Pee, Poop, and Perspire! These bodily functions are necessary for every single living thing walking this earth, so if you are scared of these words….get over it! We all do them and it’s healthy! πŸ™‚


The very best treatment you can give to your body is an herbal cleanse. If you treat is nicely, it will thank you! You will feel and look great.

fitness-give your body the fuel it craves

Don’t go out and buy the newest fad cleanse created by Kim Kardasahian on a midnight infomercial…do a little research. It’s worth it.


A great Herbal Cleanse that I have found is made my Advocare. They have an elite line of supplements made by doctors that have been around for 20 years. This cleanse is gentle unlike some that are harsh to your stomach. It is for 10 days, and includes probiotics, herbal supplements, a fiber drink, vitamin energy drinks, and omega fish oils pills. You also have access to food guidelines and coaching along the way. If you are interested in learning more or trying this cleanse, let me know and I can help!


I recommend that everyone cleanses their system about every 3-5 months. Re-boot, re-store, and re-teach your system every once in a while. Get on and stay on the path of good health!


And remember….always be kind to your body, you only get one!


3 thoughts on ““I’m addicted to you, don’t you know that you’re toxic?”

  1. Renee Filewich says:

    Very informative. Makes me think that everytime I see someone jogging along a road with traffic…what are they really doing. They don’t realize they are inahing all that car polution while trying to get healthy.


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