Don’t Hold Your Breath!


Remember to breatheeeee when lifting weights!

Confused on the proper time to inhale and/or exhale?


When you are in motion (lifting the weights), be sure to exhale 2-4 counts.


In between movements, inhale deeply for at least 2 counts. You need to be sure to maintain oxygen in your bloodstream. This is crucial to keeping Β a healthy blood pressure.


Be conscious of your breathing! It sounds weird, but it’s easy to forget to breathe when strength training. Holding your breath can be dangerous to your body in the long run; not to mention the immediate effects such as headaches, lightheadedness or becoming dizzy.


Practice makes perfect!! Get into the habit of counting breaths in your head. It may seem repetitive at first, but soon enough it will become a habit that you won’t even think twice about. Get the most out of your workouts, while treating your body with respect! Fill your lungs, oxygenate your bloodstream, feel GREAT!


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