Daily Do’s (and try Not Too’s)


What do you do on a normal day? Wake up, brush teeth, shower, get dressed, (personal things), and then what? Hopefully you are fueling your body right…..but sometimes that’s just not the case.

healthy bfast


The first items that you consume are very important!! You should fuel your body with the vitamins and nutrients it need to get your day started off right.

Two issues:

Not eating breakfast at all.

Eating something unhealthy, whether you are in a hurry or are feasting on carbs and bacon grease.



“Did you say lunch?” say most people who either don’t get much of a lunch break, or are too busy running other errands on their spare time. It’s crucial to keep fueling throughout the day to keep a speedy metabolism!! Take a break; your body is begging you.


Don’t desperately hit up the drive through, or grab whatever is available in a pinch. Usually these items are unhealthy. Plan ahead for yourself to have a balanced meal when it comes time. Your body will thank you for the energy to get you though the rest of the day. Processed, heavy, carb loaded, or fatty foods can bog you down and make it difficult to carry on with out a nap.




OK, OK, sometimes this isn’t possible (stop rolling your eyes). I understand the date nights, special occasions, daylight savings time, just plain busy in the evenings!! But on a normal day, try toΒ eat your last meal a little earlier. Make a switch in your mind to tell you that you better be thinking about dinner when the sun starts to set. It won’t; always work out, but being aware of your eating times can really help. Make small evening goals for yourself to steer you in the right direction. For example, promise yourself to eat by 8. Then little by little, move it up. Or, just eat your last carbs by 6. This way, if you schedule conflicts with an early dining time, you can stick to a light meal with protein and veggies.


A Simple Sample

This may not be for you, but read on Β anyways!

Thins is an outline of my daily eating habits (at least it’s what I shoot for, even if it’s not perfect every time).

Wake Up

*Drink a tall, COLD glass of water.*


(within a half hour of waking)

*A healthy MEAL REPLACEMENT shake .*

Starting your day with a shake works for me because its simple and nutritious. I can’t stress how important the first thing you ingest is; always try to eat for FUEL in the morning.Finding a great shake is important. It should be loaded with vitamins and is a good source of protein. Don’t confuse it with a protein shake, which may not have as much nutrition. Advocare makes fantastic (and seriously delicious) shakes.


*Protein, veggies, carbs*

I eat most of my carbs at lunch time. I try to stick to brown rice or whole grain items. Depending where I am, I make my available options work.

I have found that on the go (if I failed to prepare myself a meal in advance), a quick Sushi roll is a fast, healthy fix. It’s just as quick to run into Publix to grab one as it is to make your way to the drive through window.

I drink water and an occasional Spark to pep me up.

That’s it! NO Diet Coke (and trust me, it’s tough for me sometimes)


*Meal replacement items*

I ALWAYS keep a healthy meal replacement bar or fruit with me in those times of desperation.

Sometimes when i’m busy, busy, busy….as soon as I have a moment to breathe I realize I’m HUNGRY! This is when they come in handy, even if to hold you over until you get a real meal. Bad eating often comes in times of desperation…and is usually followed by regret. Set yourself up for success!


*Protein, veggies*

Since I try to eat my last carb by 3ish, my dinner usually consists of protein and veggies. If I do have carbs, Β they are in the form of sweet potatoes, carrots, corn, beets, squash, or some other type of root vegetable. Although I don’t succeed everyday…especially on nights out….I keep my goals in mind and an aware of the days that I stray. I find that eating less carbs at night prevents me from waking up with a headache.



I try to convince myself that a piece of fruit and tea is dessert. Baking an apple with cinnamon does the trick for me (usually!). To be honest, it really can satisfy the craving.

Otherwise, I indulge in a piece of dark chocolate, or even a sugar free jello or pudding.

Salty/Crunchy Cravings

Come on guys, i’m human, too. For some reason this craving is hard to ignore. That’s why I keep edamame and popcorn stocked and ready at all times!

The light salt and the motion of “eating” is all I need. Forget the chips, these options are better!


That being said, take a moment to jot down what YOU do in a normal day.

A good way to get a realistic view of you average day is to log EVERY SINGLE THING you eat (even if it’s embarrassing) for 3 days.Don’t forget to include the serving sizes and times of ingestion. Be conscious of the way you felt on these days, including the moment you woke up.

Brainstorm of items that you enjoy eating, items that are easy, items that are healthy, and items that are in your price range.

Draft a plan and try it for the next 3 days, still logging times and energy levels.

Keep doing this until you find something that works for YOU!!

Everyone is different. We all enjoy different things. We have different jobs, energy levels, and so much more. Not any one plan is right for everyone, let’s be real. In order to succeed, you must do it YOUR WAY.


I am here for YOU.

Please ask me for help and advice. You know your body and life best, but I might be able to make some suggestions that fit your needs. My goal is to help everyone live their best life! I want to share my knowledge, help you find the tools, and continue to learn through everyone’s experiences on how to feel great and take advantage of every day.

Jump on the path to being healthy, fit, and feeling amazing!

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