Ignite the FIRE inside!

When I was a kid, my family would get together with neighbors and host bonfires in our backyard. We would sit around the fire, watching the blazing flames; keeping our hands near for warmth in the cool weather. We would stir the coals in order to spark the blaze. Periodically, we would have to throw some paper or a few pieces of wood into the pit to reignite the flames, or the fire would go out. Have your ever had an experience like this?

When I am chatting to someone how important it is to keep your metabolism up to speed, I can’t find a better way to explain how it works than comparing it to a fire. Think of your metabolism as a fire pit. If you keep throwing fuel into the fire, it IGNITES! If you leave the fire alone, eventually it dies down and cools completely. Your body is the same! Your body wants to be fueled all day long. When you are getting the proper nutrition, you will start burning off the fat and using carbohydrates as energy. If you only fuel your body every once in a while, your body goes into hoard mode. It is going to hang on to those carbs for future fuel and energy, not knowing when it will be fed next.

Don’t let your fire die!

Hands down, one of the most difficult things to do is eat every 2 1/2- 3 hours. It just IS. It just does’t seem possible to do this every day! We all have a life, a job, and many other things that get into the way of our healthy eating habits. Half the time, we feel hunger pangs that make us cranky before we even get a chance to have a Β snack or a meal. Yet, pretty much everything you have heard or read about speeding up your metabolism suggests that you eat ALL DAY LONG.

Set yourself up for success!!

You already know that is can be hard to find the time to eat when you are busy with life.

Make it easy; plan out your day. Get your hands on some healthy meal replacement bars or shakes if you are in a bind and always keep them on hand. Prepare a few healthy snacks for the week and load up your fridge so you can just grab n’ go. It may take a few extra minutes to prepare yourself for the day, but it is well worth it.

Practice makes perfect!

Once you get used to doing this, it becomes a breeze. Just as you have your other daily rituals, preparing your daily fuel ahead of time with be habitual. Give yourself a chance to change. Stick through the small annoyances in order to steer your days in a healthy direction.

At first, it may be easy to forget to eat because your body is still not burning fat and sending you hunger signals. Overtime, it will recognize your new and improved eating pattern and pick up the pace. It will turn back into the fat burning machine it was meant to be! You won’t even have to set alarms and write your self reminder post-it’s to eat every few hours; your body will tell you!

Hang in there. practice makes perfect. Boy scouts work really hard to acquire that badge when they finally learn how to spark that fire. Take my advice, make a plan. Schedule your meals and snacks.

If you need ideas or healthy suggestions, i’m here for you! please flood my wall with questions. I would love nothing more than to help you ignite the fire inside!

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